Templemore Fanning Baptism Records Co Tipperary Ireland

Templemore & Castleiny Catholic Parish Co Tipperary

These records are from Rootsireland.

14 Oct 1814, William of Edmund Fanning & Bridget Costigan, Moyne sp: Pat Maher & Cath Burke

28 Jul 1818, James of Daniel Fanning & Margaret Ryan, Ballyheen sp: Phil Holleran & Judith Ryan

20 Aug 1821, Mary of Martin Fanning & Margaret Treacy, College Hill sp: Patrick Tracy & Biddy Tracy

Nov 1821, John of Daniel Fanning & Margaret Ryan, Killawardy sp: ???? Halloran & Judy Fogarty

21 Jun 1824, John of Martin Fanning & Margaret Treacy, College Hill sp: John Tracy & Margaret Meany

8 Mar 1825, Sarah (Sally) of Daniel Fanning & Margaret Ryan, Killawardy sp: John Halloran & Margaret Bourke

13 Jun 1826, William of Martin Fanning & Margaret Treacy, College Hill sp: Daniel Treacy & Margaret Grimes

7 Feb 1828, Catherine of Patrick Fanning & Mary Campion sp: Mtn Parsons & Margaret Connors

7 Feb 1828, Mary of Martin Parsons & Bridget Henzy sp: Patrick Fanning & Mary Henzy

9 Apr 1828, Joseph of Michael Fanning & Mary Regan, Killough sp: John Hennessy & Anne Regan

27 Apr 1828, Judith of Martin Fanning & Margaret Treacy, sp: Thomas Treacy & Mary Treacy

26 Oct 1828, Catherine of William Hogan & Honora Patterson sp: Mary Fannin

23 Feb 1830, Margaret of Michael Fanning & Mary Regan, Killough sp:Philip Hackett & Mary Delahunty

25 Apr 1830, Thomas of Martin Fanning & Margaret Treacy, College Hill sp: James Lynch & Mary Lynch

3 Dec 1832, Michael of Michael Fanning & Mary Regan, Killough sp: not recorded

4 Dec 1832, Martin of Martin Fanning & Margaret Treacy, College Hill sp: Ned Brute & Alice Dwyer

*28 Dec 1833, Edward of Michael Fanning & Catherine Keyes Dromard sp: Steven Mackey & Ellen Kavanagh

4 Jun 1833, John of William Fanning & Catherine Butler Barrack St sp: Mary Kenna

Oct 1833, Michael of Michael Fanning & Mary Ryan Killough sp: Kitty Ryan

26 Apr 1835, Margaret of Michael Fanning & Sarah Quill of Borris, sp: William Quill & Mary Trihy

6 Mar 1835, Ellen of William Keyes & Margaret Morrissey, Graffin, sp: Michael Fanning & Ann Fitzpatrick

20 Aug 1835, Mary of Michael Fanning & Bridget Ryan of Killough sp: Michael Maher & Jane Maher

27 Aug 1835, Mary of William Fanning & Catherine Butler of Barrack St sp: Martin Fanning & Catherine Maher

25 May 1836, John or Johanna of Michael Fanning & Catherine Keyes, Dromard sp: Judith Keyes

10 Jun 1836, Margaret of Thomas Quill & Mary Frihy, Borrisbeb, sp: Michael Fannin & Ann Ryan

23 Mar 1838, Alicia of John Quill & Judith Ryan, Borrisbeg, sp: Patrick Fanin & Judith Ryan

27 Jun 1838, Patrick of William Fanning & Catherine Butler, sp James Brennan & Mary Fannin

26 Feb 1838, Thomas of Michael Fanning & Mary Regan, sp: John Maher & Judith Hayden

13 Apr 1840, Bridget of Timothy Delahunty & Margaret Delahunty, Killough, sp: Michael Fannin & Margaret Moton

19 Nov 1840, Daniel of Michael Fanning & Mary Regan, Killough sp: Michael Maher & Anne Delahunty

3 May 1841, William of Edmund Brute & Margaret Fanning, Killough, sp: Judith Fanning

19 Sept 1841, Michael of Daniel Sullivan & Mary Hogan, Templemore, sp: James Fanning & Mary Headerton

30 Apr 1843, Johanna of Daniel Halloran & Judith Costigan, Killawardy, sp: John Fanning & Mary Halloran

15 May 1843, Mary of Thomas Stapleton & Ellen Bergin, Barrack St sp: William Fanning & Ellen Ryan

24 Jun 1843, John of John Fanning & Mary Ryan, Killough sp: Michael Ryan & Cath Delahunty

24 Jun 1843,Thomas of Jeremiah Hackett & Margaret Ryan, Killough sp: Ellen Fanning

5 May 1844, Mary of Pat Hogan & Mary Devane, Templemore sp: William Fanning & Hon Hogan

9 Jun 1844, Bartholomew of William Fanning & Cath Butler, Templemore, sp: John Fanning & Bridget Ryan

9 Oct 1845, Anne of Francis Mitchell & Anne Fanning, Templemore, sp: Mary Fanning

8 Apr 1846, Ellen of Thomas Quinlan & Anne Reeves, Killough, sp: Margaret Fanning & John Hennessy

21 May 1846, Johanna of Michael Fanning & Mary Regan, Killough sp: William Fitzpatrick & Joh Ryan

14 Aug 1847, Laurence of Sam Whitely & Mary Williams, Templemore, sp: Judy Fanning 

12 Oct 1848, Catherine of George Brookes & Mary Goggin, Templemore sp: William Fanning & Ellen Heenan

27 Oct 1848, Mary of Michael Fogarty & Catherine Fanning, Dareens, sp: Patrick Fanning & Ellen Ryan

5 Mar 1851, Mary of William Fanning & Catherine Malone of Gortnagowna sp: William Malone & Mary Scott

8 Sept 1851, Elizabeth of William Breen & Margaret Maher, Pig Foot lane, sp: Mary Fanning

2 Jun 1852, Sarah of James Fanning & Mary Kennedy of Pigfoot lane, sp: Margaret Kinsella, out of wedlock child.

30 May 1854, Laurence of William Fanning & Catherine Malone of Gortnagowna sp: James Tierney & Mary Malone

25 Dec 1855, Thomas of James Fanning & Mary Kennedy of Killawardy, sp: Patrick Meara & Ellen Mullany

15 Aug 1856, William of William Fanning & Catherine Malone of Gortnagowna sp: William Hardgroft & Mary Donolan

27 Nov 1859, Ellen of Patrick Fanning & Ellen Ryan of Barrack St sp: Judith Cooney

27 Mar 1859, Patrick of William Fanning & Catherine Malone of Gortnagowna sp: James Hardgraft & Sarah Hardgraft

15 Mar 1863, Catherine of William Fanning & Catherine Malone sp: John Fogarty & Ellen Hardgroft

13 Jan 1865, Bridget of William Fanning & Catherine Malone of Gortnagowna sp: Michael Donnolly & Judy Davy

5 May 1872, Margaret of William Fanning & Catherine Malone of Clonmore sp: Patrick Tierney & Anne Malone

2 May 1888, Thomas of Patrick Fanning & Jane Lees sp: Mary Ryan

22 Feb 1889, John of Richard Wallace & Bridget Fanning, out of wedlock, sp: Kate Fanning

3 Nov 1895, Catherine of William Fanning & Margaret Coonan, sp: John Coonan & Kate Fanning

2 Jun 1897, Mary of William Fanning & Margaret Coonan, sp: William Hardgrove & Margaret Fanning

7 Aug 1898, Michael of William Fanning & Margaret Coonan sp: Daniel Cooney & Bridget Fanning

12 Jan 1900, William of William Fanning & Margaret Coonan sp: Jeremiah Coonan & Mary Coonan

Civil Birth Records for Templemore:

16 Jan 1864, Ellen of John Fannin, soldier & Mary Carroll, Mary St, sp: Kate Nesbitt

19 Mar 1869, Anastatia of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan, Kill sp: Anastatia Fanning

10 May 1870, Thomas of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan, Kill sp: Anastatia Fanning

15 Apr 1872, Catherine of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan, Kill sp: Tom

30 Nov 1874, Mary of Thomas Fanning & Ellen Ryan, Kill 

16 Oct 1880, John of William Fanning & Amy Flynn Kill, Drom sp: Margaret Russell

16 Oct 1880, Margaret of William Fanning & Amy Flynn Kill, Drom sp: Margaret Russell

30 Apr 1888, Thomas of Patrick Fanning, coachman, & Jane lees, Templemore 

29 May 1901, Joseph of Patrick Fanning & Mary Hassett, Drom

15 Sept 1902, Thomas of Patrick Fanning & Mary Hassett, Drom

11 May 1905, Edward of Patrick Fanning & Mary Hassett, Drom sp: Ellen Fogarty, nurse

3 Nov 1908, Josephine of Patrick Fanning & Mary Hassett, Drom

Roscrea Fanning Baptism & Birth Records Co Tipperary Ireland

Roscrea Catholic Parish Co Tipperary Ireland


19 Dec 1823, Margaret of Laurance Fanning & Bridget Tierney sp: Winifred Whitten

30 Apr 1841, Catherine of John Fanning & Bridget Cummins, Carriglnane sp: William Whalen & Cath Whalen

16 Sept 1842, James of John Fanning & Catherine Connolly, Chapel Lane sp: Tim Grady & Joan Grady; twin of Michael

16 Sept 1842, Michael of John Fanning & Catherine Connolly, Chapel Lane sp: John Kennedy & Hannah Connors

21 Jan 1848, Margaret of John Fanning & Margaret Connor, Whitepark sp: Ellen Deegan

26 Jul 1861, William of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery, Roscrea sp: James Fanning & Ellen Fanning

14 Nov 1862, John of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery Limerick St, sp: Thomas Fanning& Kate Slattery twin of Martin

14 Nov 1862, Martin of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery Limerick St, sp: Thomas Fanning & Kate Slattery twin of John

3 Jul 1864, Eleanor of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery sp: John & Eleanor Birmingham, twin of Maria. Civil record has the father, Martin, as a shopkeeper & farmer of Limerick St Roscrea

3 Jul 1864, Maria of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery sp: John & Eleanor Birmingham, twin of Eleanor

13 Jul 1866 James of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery sp: John O’Brien & Anna Fanning. Civil record is James Joseph.

9 Feb 1868, Pat of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery sp: Philip Fanning & Anna Fanning

10 Dec 1869, Thomas of Martin Fanning & Maria Slattery sp: Jacobus McDonald & Anna McDonald

28 Jun 1873, Anne of Anne Fanning, RoscreaWorkhouse, sp: William Hayes

4 Sept 1876, Margaret of John Fanning & Honora Healy of Ballystanley Rathnavogue 

John Kearney 1895, son of Sarah Fanning and Patrick Kearney, Co Tipperary

When I was in Co Tipperary recently and met up with distant Fanning relations I was told the story of John Kearney.

John was the son of Sarah Fanning and Patrick Kearney. Sarah A Fanning was the daughter of Michael fanning and Catherine Ryan of Lissaroon.

Sarah married Patrick Kearney, an electrician, from Southampton England, on 15 May 1894. Francis Dwan and Stasia Fanning were witnesses at their wedding in Inch Church in Drom parish Co Tipperary Ireland.

I have been unable to find any trace of Sarah and Patrick Kearney after the birth of John in Drom Parish in 1895. I can only assume that they died in England.

John is in the 1901 and 1911 Census records staying with his uncle and aunt, Tom and Hannah Fanning, at Lissaroon. They did not have any children of their own.

Thomas Fanning & Johanna (Hanna) Fanning nee Bannon

The story I was told about John Kearney, pronounced Carney, was that his uncle Tom Fanning was going to leave the Lissaroon property to him. When he found out that John wanted to go to England with his mates, he told him if he went he would not  inherit. John went and Lissaroon was left to the Mullanys.

Lissaroon Drom & Inch Parish Co Tipperary

John used to come back to Ireland to visit his cousins in Dublin but never came back to Lissaroon. He died in England and is buried in a pauper’s grave.

John Kearney in Dublin. The baby is Michael Fanning. The girl on the right is Angela who married Willie O’Sullivan.

Bournea & Corbally Parish Fanning Baptism & Civil Birth Records Co Tipperary Ireland

Parish of Bournea & Corbally Diocese of Killaloe Co Tipperary. Courageen a variant name for this parish.

8 Jul 1840, Andrew of Andrew Maher & Catherine Fanning, Oldcastle, sp: William & Mary Fanning

17 Jul 1844, John of Patt Carroll & Sarah Fanning, Loran sp: John Fanning & Ellen Fanning

21 May 1865, William of William Fanning & Sarah Guidera sp: William Kealy & Johanna Guidera. Parish of Cournaganeen (Bourney) Baptism record.

13 May 1883, William of Nicholas Fanning, farmer & tailor & Margaret Dunne, Corriga  civil birth record baptised 13 Jun 1883.

10 Jan 1900, William Fanning, of William Fanning, farmer & Margaret Coonan, Gortnagoona, Parish of Killavinogue. Parish/district of Bourney. civil birth record.


Borrisokane Torpey & Kilkeary Baptisms Co Tipperary1821-1881

Borrisokane Catholic Parish map Co Tipperary Ireland

My gr gr grandfather’s first child, Maria, was born in Sopwell Co Tipperary in 1852. His wife was Ann Kilkeary. So I have included any Kilkeary Baptism records that may be relevant.

7 Nov 1821, Bridget of Roger Kilcary & Cath Nolan, Sopwell sp: Tim Brennan & Cath Tynan

15 Nov 1823, Ann of Roger Kilkery & Cath Nolan, Sopwell, sp: John Gleeson & Ellen Kilkeary

11 May 1825, Sara of Patrick Toohy & Mary Connor? sp; Darby Darcy & Cath Torpey, Ballyspelin?

25 Jul 1825, Edward of Tim Brennan & Margaret Ryder Sopwell, sp: James Brennan & ? Meara. Daniel Torpey my grgrgrandfather’s mother was a Mary Ryder. Perhaps Margaret Ryder was his aunt??

12 Oct 1825, Mary of Roger Kilkeary & Cath Nolan Sopwell, sp: William White & Ellen ??

11 Oct 1827, William of Roger Kilcary & Cath Nolan, Sopwell sp: John Mulchahy & Mary Liffy

23 Dec 1827, Sara of John Rider & Eliza Griffen?

14 Jan 1828, Judith of William Cahil & Mary Torpy, Ballalina? sp: William Cahil & Cath Torpey

17 Jun 1828, Thady of Tim Brennan & Margaret Ryder, Sopwell sp: Frank Cleary & ? Ryan

May 1829, John of ? Corrigan & Ann Fogarty Sopwell, sp: John Torpy & Ellin Mahon

11 Jan 1830, Winifred of James Torphy & Honor Coglan, Feigh, sp: John Egan & Biddy Darcy

9 Feb 1830, Pat of Tim Brennan & Peggy Ryder, Sopwell, sp: James Ryder & Mary Scully

21 Feb 1833, Ellen of Roger Kilkeary & Cath Nolan, Sopwell, sp: James Liffey & Peggy Brennan

2 Jan 1834, Michael of Tim Brennan & Margaret Ryder, Sopwell, sp: Morgan Feean & Mary Thorpe. Sometimes Torpy is spelt Thorpe.

2  Aug 1834, Cath of William Cahill & Mary Thorpe, Bathylynn?? sp: Pat Thorpe & Anne Kelly

Oct? 1835, ? of Tim Brennan & Mary Thorpe sp: Roger Kilkeary? & Judy Thorpe

22 Jan 1835, Mary of William Cahill & Mary Thorpe, Ballylyna, sp: Michael Thorpe & Mary Healy

29 Oct 1837, Michael of William Cahill & Mary Torpy, Ballylina, sp: Mary Mannion

31 Oct 1837, Bridget of Tim Brennan & Peggy Ryder

23 Sept 1838, John of Tim Brennan & Peggy Ryder, Sopwell

21 Sept 1839, John? of William Cahill & Mary Torpy sp: John Kelly & ? Cahill

Jun 1841, Sarah of William Cahil & Mary Torpy, Ballalina, sp:Daniel Cahil

30 Apr 1842, Jane of Patt Torpy & Esther Pye sp: Michael Kinshaw & Mary Kennedy

5 Jul 1843, Anne of William Cahile & Mary Torpy, sp: Dan & Elle Cleary

26 Oct 1844, Frances of Pat Torpy & Esther Pyne sp: Andy Dooley & Hony Heffernan

15 Feb 1845, Daniel of William Cahil & Mary Torpy sp: Patrick Cleary & Mary Cleary

*21 Aug 1852, Maria of Daniel Torpey & Anne Kilkeary, Sopwell, sp: John Fenane & Mary White, Behamore

23 Apr 1858, Mary of William Griffin & Bridget Kilkeary, Sopwell sp: Patt Cleary and Mary Arnell?

21 Apr 1860, Thomas of William Griffon & Bridget Kilkeary, Sopwell, sp: Michael Colman & Biddy Kilkeary.

*7 Apr 1862, James of William Cavanagh (Protestant) & Margaret Torpey, Ballingarry, sp: Ellen Brennan & Michael Donagh?

14 Mar 1864, Edward of William Grffin & Bridget Kilkeary sp: Thomas Henlon & Catherine Kilkeary

23 Jun 1866, Daniel of William Griffin & Bridget Kilkeary sp: John Clear & Eliza Hough

19 Aug 1869, Mary of John Bergen & Bridget Gleeson sp: James Fanning from Roscrea & Jane Talbot.


Borrisokane Torpey Marriage Records 1821-1883, Co Tipperary, Ireland

The National Library of Ireland’s online marriage records for Borrisokane Parish are from 30 Jul 1821 to 28 Nov 1835, 21 Jan 1836-21 Jan 1844 and 2 Oct 1844 to 5 Feb 1883. This parish is also called Uskane or Uskean Parish. Up until about 1838 the records are in a very bad state, pages damaged and many entries totally illegible.

Rootsireland has marriage records for this parish from 1821-1911.

Civil marriage records are online free at irishgenealogy.ie and start from records over 75 years.

The Borrisokane Parish marriage records from 1821-1844, on the National Library of Ireland site, are damaged and unfortunately too hard to decipher.

17 Nov 1844, John Clear & Mary Ryder, wit: Thomas Hoctor & Judy Torpey

4 Sept 1849, Pat Torpy & Mary Dunn, wit: Peter Griffen

1 Oct 1855, James Madden & Bridget Dean wit: Joe Torpy & Mary Cork?

9 Feb 1860, Thomas McCormack & Margaret Brennan wit: Thomas Kelly & Honora Torpy

Shinrone Parish, Torpey Baptisms Co Tipperary & Co Offaly(Kings Co), 1842-1880

Shinrone Catholic Parish Map, Co Tipperary & Co Offaly (Kings Co)

Shinrone Parish is also called Ballingarry Parish.

3 Apr 1842, John of Wm Summon & Mary Mahon, Lissadona sp: Daniel Fogarty & Mary Torpy

21 Jan 1844, William of William & Mary White, Lisadona sp: ? Ryan & Judy Torpey

5 Jul 1844, Ann of John Torpey & Ann Clear, Lisadona sp: Mary Murphy

14 Jul 1844, Mary Ann of Michael Flynn & Biddy Fitzpatrick, Lisadona sp: Patt & Onney Torpy

5 Nov 1848, Mary of Antony Carroll & Judy Torpy, Toura sp: William Carroll & Rachel Torpey

10 Jun 1858, Julia of John Kelly & Maria Torpey, Lisadona sp: Thomas Dwyer & Honora Torpey

20 Oct 1860, MaryAnne of William Cavanagh & Margaret Torpey, Ballingarry, sp: Teady Brennan & Anne Brennan

29 Apr 1862, David of Pat Quin & Margaret Cleery, Lisadona sp: Will Cleary & Ony Torpey

15 Apr 1860, Anne of Will Burke & Anne Floyd sp: Daniel Crane & Mary Torpey

22 Feb 1866, Daniel of Michael Torpey & Mary Crane, Lisadona, sp: Henry & Kate Crane

12 Sept 1867, Patrick of Michael Torpy & Mary Crane, sp: Daniel & Anne Crane, Lisadona

20 Jan 1869, Catherine of Michael Carroll & Mary Kennedy Lisdonagh sp: Michael & Mary Torpy

8 May 1869, MaryAnne of Michael Torpy & Mary Crane, Lisdonagh, sp: Pat Kennedy & Eliza Crane

11 Dec 1870, John of Michael Torpy & Mary Crane, Lisdongh, sp: John Quin & Ellen Crane

3 May 1873, Johanna of Michael Torpy & Mary Crane, Lisdonagh sop: Michael and Mary Carroll

7 Mar 1875, Michael of Michael Torpey & Mary Crean, Lisdonagh sp James and Kate Hoare?

5 Dec 1878, Catherine of Henry & Ann Crean nee Kennedy, Cloughmoyle, sp: Daniel Torpey & Bridget Nugent


Shinrone Parish Torpey Marriage Records 1842-1876


Shinrone Catholic Parish Map, mostly in Offaly (Kings) Co but some in Co Tipperary.


Unfortunately pre 1842  Shinrone Parish records have been lost. Shinrone Parish is sometimes referred to as Ballingarry Parish.

I came across lots of Kilkeary marriages in this parish but only a few Torpey records and no Fanning marriages.

15 Feb 1843, William White and Mary Torpey, Lisadona wit: Michael Lamb & Kate Carroll

25 Feb 1865, Michael Torpy and Mary Crane, Towra wit: Daniel Crane & Kate Crane

27 Jul 1865, Edward Gleeson & Honora Torpey, Lisadona, wit: Patrick Toohey & Mary Smyth

Irish Famine Data & Map

Just came across an interesting site, Irish Famine Project 

I subscribe to Irish Central and get inundated with various news related to Ireland. Most I don’t read, but occassionally there is something that is a genalogical gem, like the article on The Irish Famine project. So I persevere with all the rest. Any new developments in Irish genealogy do get reported on this site, so it is worth hanging in there.

This site has an interactive map, so you can look at specific civil parishes and see the decrease in population from 1841 to 1851, due to deaths and immigration.  Over a million people died and over a million emigrated during The Great Hunger.

I looked up the population numbers in some of the areas my ancestors came from in Co Tipperary:

Thurles 10,284 pre-Famine and 7,848 after a decrease of 24%

Moyne 2,584 pre and 1,759 after -32%

Drom 2,025 pre and 1,400 after -31%

Moykarky 1,493 pre and 780 after -48%

Loughmore West 2,471 pre and 1,565 after -37%

Fin Dwyer at irishhistorypodcast.ie is doing a series of podcasts on The Famine at the moment. Can’t recommend his podcasts enough. He is a great researcher and his podcasts are interesting and hugely informative.

Johanna Fanning of Lissaroon marries William O’Connell of Clonomocogue in1850

Johanna Fanning, daughter of William Fanning and Honora McCormack of Lisaroon, married William O’Connell on Feb 11, 1850 in Inch Parish Co Tipperary.

Fanning family home in Lissaroon Co Tipperary

I came across this daughter when I realised that the priests of Drom Parish were entering the residence name places in the marriage registers. These unindexed registers are now online and free at https://registers.nli.ie/. Placenames being included on a few registers is incredibly helpful for family researchers.

Marriage record of Johanna Fanning and William O’Connell Drom & Inch Parish 11 Feb 1850

Knowing that couples were nearly always wed in the bride’s parish I looked for Lisaroon in the margins of the Drom mariage registers and came across Johanna from Lisaroon. As far as I can tell there has only ever been one Fanning family in Lisaroon (Lissaroon) townland in Drom Parish, so she had to be a daughter of William Fanning and Honora McCormack. Harder to find grooms as they were married in the bride’s parish.

For a number of years I have been listening to Fin Dwyer’s Irish History podcasts. I love these podcasts and highly recommend them. He has recently got Irish Newspaper Archives to sponsor his work. They offered a discount to his listeners which I took up. (Just be careful you don’t get auto renewed at the end of your discounted month as I did!)

It was such a worthwhile investment of resources and time looking through these newspapers. I found all sorts of fascinating and interesting stories and facts about my ancestors. I found a couple of extensive obituaries on the O’Connells.

Johanna (Judy) Fanning and William O’Connell lived at Clonomocogue in Co Tipperary North and had four boys:

Michael was born on 6 Mar 1851 and his sponsors were Martin Eviston and Mary Duggin.

William was born on 11 Apr 1852 and his sponsors were Tom Fanning and Honora? Connell.

Denis was born 16 Jan 1854 with William Fanning and Margaret Eviston as his sponsors. His twin John was sponsored by Pat Fanning and Honora Eviston.

Most of the O’Connells are buried in Loughmore Cemetery in Co Tipperary.

Obituary for Michael O’Connell Nenagh News 2 Sept 1899











Ballyduff House Co Tipperary 2018


Michael O’Connell 2 Sept 1899 Nenagh News


William O’Connell Obit Nenagh Guardian 4 Feb 1939
William O’Connell Tribute Nenagh Guardian 4 Feb 1939









Castleiney House Co Tipperary 2018

Most of the O’Connells are buried in Loughmore Cemetery Co Tipperary:

Obituary for Rev Martin O’Connell Irish Examiner Aug 11 1916

I have been trying to trace the “cousins” listed as attending the funeral of Rev Martin O’Connell. They are all related, but not as directly as cousins suggests, but still a source of further connections. As Martin O’Connell was 64 when he died in 1916 his “cousins” go back quite a long way and some of the connections I’ve made can’t be conclusively proven.

Denis O’Connell DC of Loughmore was his brother. Their parents were James O’Connell and Mary Carroll. (O’Connell was written as Connell in earlier records).

James O’Connell of Oldbawn Cottage Loughmore and Martin O’Connell, Daniel O’Connell and James Eviston, all of Loughmore, are all Martin’s nephews. James the son of Mary Eviston nee O’Connell and Martin Eviston. Mary being the half sister of Denis.

Annie and Ellie are daughters of Martin’s brother Denis. Mrs James O’Connell Denis’ daughter in law. Mrs John Sheedy is Mary Sheedy nee O’Connell; Mrs Patrick Maher  is Catherine Maher nee O’Connell; Mrs James Doherty is Elizabeth Doherty nee O’Connell. All daughters of Denis and Ann O’Connell.

Mr Michael O’Connell of Maryborough was the son of William O’Connell and Bridget Coffey of Castleiney and was a doctor.

A Thomas Duggan of Borris married a Julian Connell of Loughmore on 2 Mar 1829.

Tobias McGrath was the son of Michael McGrath and Mary Fanning who were married in Drom Parish 12 Feb 1861.

John Connolly was baptized 12 Aug 1864. His parents were William Connolly and Ellen O’Connell. Address given as Main St Templemore.

A Michael Lannigan was baptised in Aug 1819 in Templetuohy. His parents were John Lanigan and Bridget Connell. Sponsors were Judith Connell and James Kinahan.

On 23 Dec 1838 Michael Maher was baptised in Loughmore Parish. He was the son of Michael Maher and Mary Connell. There was also a James Connell who married Mary Maher in 1840

There was a marriage in Loughmore Parish on 9 Jun 1801 between Richard Quinn and Mary Connell witnessed by Michael Connell and Sally Quinn. In 1805 Denis Connell was baptized in Loughmore parish. His parents were listed as Jeremiah Connell and Bridget Quinn with John Delahunty and Mary Ryan as sponsors. On 2 Feb 1826 there was a Richard Quinn married to a Mary Connell. Both from Castleiney.

D McCormack of Oola was married to Bridget O’Connell nee Coffey’s sister.

E. Fanning listed as a cousin was Edmund Fanning who married Hanoria Molloy in Littleton Parish on 11 Feb 1902. His address given as Holycross and hers as Ballybeg. He lived in Glenreigh in Holycross. Francis Dwyer and Bridget Fanning were witnesses. Edmund was born in Loughmore parish at Kilcoke on 23 Dec 1848. His parents were James Fanning and Judith Hoare. Judith fanning nee Hoare is buried in Holycross Cemetery. She died 20 Apr, 1879, aged 68. her husband James fanning died 2 Oct 1885 aged 77. Their other son was the Rev James J fanning who died 10 Sept 1909, aged 65. His nephew was Rev P Fogarty. The brother of this James Fanning was the Rev John Fanning buried in Loughmore Cemetery. He was born 10 Nov 1805 in Loughmore and died 13 Aug 1891 in Glenreigh Holycross.

I have not been able to figure out how Edmund Fanning of Glenrieigh and Kilcoke is related to Martin O’Connell.