William Fanning died 1873 Co Tipperary Ireland

Inquest May 1st. one William Fanning, at Commons, Parish of Thurles, Dr. Barry. Verdict-Disease of the heart. Reported by Constable Mooney. Tipperary Genealogy.

His death was also reported in the Nenagh Guardian 28th April 1873  “A respectable farmer and sheep dealer named William Fanning, residing within one mile of Thurles, died suddenly on Wednesday morning. It appeared the deceased was in the act of shearing a sheep. Death, it is supposed, resulted from disease of the heart.” Nenagh Guardian

Darmody and Fanning Co Tipperary Ireland Inquests 1847 to 1851

A return of inquests taken by James Carroll, Esq. one of the Coroners of the County Tipperary starting on the 3rd, Day of July 1847: Aug. 7th on Mary Darmody, Birdhill, Kilcominty, Owney and Arra, Dr. Robert A. Twiss.

Application for Presentments at the Spring Assizes 1848, for amount of inquisitions held by Thomas O’Meara, Esq, one of the Coroners for the County Tipperary: Nov.3rd. on Bridget Darmody, Ballinlonty, Verdict-Murder.

Application for Presentments at the Summer Assizes, 1848 for the amount of Inquisitions held by Thomas O’Mears, Coroner for the County of Tipperary: 13th. June, Thomas Fanning, suffocation at Upperchurch.

April 1st 1851, Wm. Fanning, at Ballymackey, Lower Ormond, died from destitution and cold. G. Frith, surgeon. Coffin 3s 6d.

Source: Ireland Genealogy Project