Post Towns and Abbreviations 1888 Victoria Australia

The Post Office Directory for Victoria for 1888 is also on Google Books.

The Victoria Post Office directory – Google Books

While the abbreviations used in the Victorian Birth, Marriage and Death records are not necessarily the same as those used in the Post Office Directories for Victoria some may be the same. The Pioneer Index for Victoria covers the period 1836 to 1888.

Excellent Co Tipperary Ancestry Research Resource

The Ireland Gen Web Project has some valuable information for Co Tipperary family history research.

It is being added to all the time and is definitely worth looking at.

The site has a list of all the civil parishes and townlands and for some parishes maps of the townlands, very helpful.

This site doesn’t require subscription or payment.

Some of what they have on this site:

County Tipperary Records


DNA Tests and Genealogy

How far back can you determine a genetic link?

All genetic tests from Family Tree DNA will provide you a probability that you and another person, who have an exact match, will have your Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) within a range of time backwards.

The 12 marker test gives you the following range: 7 generations (50%) likelihood; 29 generations (95%) likelihood.

Using the 25 marker test the 50% likelihood drops to 3 generations and the 95% to 13 generations.

The 37-marker test tightens further to 2 generations (50%) and the 95% to 7 generations.

Records for Carlow, Cork, Dublin and Kerry Ireland

Church records for Carlow, Cork, Dublin and Kerry Ireland now online, free at, a website launched by the Department of Tourism, Culture & Sport late last year.

The records now available are:
For Carlow – Church of Ireland register entries
For Cork – Roman Catholic register entries for the diocese of
Cork & Ross only
For Dublin City – Church of Ireland, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic
register entries
For Kerry – Church of Ireland and Roman Catholic records.

I have found some Dublin City records for related Fannings. However a lot of the Christian names are written in Latin and this can be misleading.  I have also searched and found a record and not been able to find it again. Not sure why this happened. Play around with different search terms.

Victorians Born in Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland

These are records from the Victorian Pioneer Index of those born in Thurles Co Tipperary. The Pioneer Index covers the period 1836-1888. Some may be born in Thurso Scotland. But most I think are Thurles natives.

Surname: WEBB; Given Names: M; Event: B; Spouse Surname/Father: William; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Matilda Ann CLARK; Birth Place: THURST ; Year: 1859; Reg Number: 4630

Surname: ELDER; Given Names: John; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Henry; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Margaret MILLER; Age: 73; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1858; Reg Number: 6028

Surname: MANSON; Given Names: Janet; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: William; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Mary DUNCAN; Age: 45; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1866; Reg Number: 12123R

Surname: SHOELL; Given Names: Jane; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Thomas; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Mary DISS; Age: 22; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1867; Reg Number: 11586

Surname: CUMMINS; Given Names: Margaret; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: Sheedy John; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Margaret DWYER; Age: 67; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1867; Reg Number: 11635

Surname: TREACY; Given Names: William; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: William; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: UNKNOWN; Age: 54; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1867; Reg Number: 6338

Surname: MACKAY; Given Names: George Edward; Event: D; Spouse Surname/Father: John; Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Jane UNKNOWN; Age: 56; Birth Place: THUR; Year: 1867; Reg Number: 9435  Continue reading Victorians Born in Thurles Co Tipperary Ireland

Co Tipperary Irish Emigrants to Australia 1828-1866

All of these indexes were compiled by Peter Madden of Newcastle NSW Australia.


This is the combined index of people who were born in Tipperary, Ireland, and emigrated to Sydney, New South Wales, or Moreton Bay, Queensland in the years 1828 to 1866 inclusive.




Life for Many Irish Immigrants in America

“The mass exodus from Ireland following the Potato Blight of 1846 saw over 1 million Irish emigrants pass through Castle Gardens between 1847-1861,  all seeking to escape starvation, poverty and hardship.  The majority arrived on American shores penniless.

For most Irish emigrants a farm environment in Ireland was all they would have known, where very little time and attention was paid to literacy.  This meant that their only source of employment on arrival in New York was in the unskilled labour market (for men) and domestic service (for women). The 19th Century unskilled labour market was a dangerous one with very little pay, as our Irish Ancestors helped dig America’s first canals, lay the first Railroad tracks, and pave New York’s Streets.  The Domestic Service market was no better, where hard labour and long hours was met with minimal pay.

With no savings, income or employment, many of our Irish Ancestors found themselves trapped in New York.  The farmhouse and green fields of Ireland were replaced with over-crowded tenements filled with destitution, filth and disease.  Whilst in Ireland, our Ancestor may have complained about having to share the family home with numerous siblings, parents and grandparents.  In New York, they would have found themselves sharing a room with three, maybe four different families.  In 1862 over 6,000 families were found to be living in Cellars in New York, with no light, drainage or sanitation.    The stark reality in those early years of emigration was that most Irish Ancestors were worse off for leaving Ireland – many wanted to return home: few could afford to.

Yet despite the hardships of life in the New World, with perseverance, our Irish Ancestors were able to claw their way out of the slums and secure a better future for themselves, and ultimately their families, both in the New World and in Ireland.”

Source Irish Family Research

Links to Irish Passenger Lists


migrant ship

Ships and passenger lists from Ireland to America:

The following passenger list are from ships arriving and departing Australian ports:

Passenger lists and more for USA, Canada and Australia. The Ships List is an excellent site with much information and many resource links. New records being added and you can search the whole site or just North America or just Australia:

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List of Ships arriving at the Port of Maryborough Qld 1863-1890’2:

List of Ships Arriving in Australasian Ports: NSW (1837-1899) Qld (1840-1915) SA (1836-1860) VIC(1837-1899) WA (1829-1889) NZ (1839-1905) Convict Transports (1788-1868)